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How To Draw a Human Figure

It is considered very difficult to depict the human figure in drawing art. One of the most commonly encountered problems of aspiring artists would be drawing it in proportion. So, if you want to learn to draw the human figure in the right proportion, here are some basic steps in doing so.

How To Draw a Human Figure


What you’ll need would be paper, a pencil, a decent eraser, ruler, and one great portion of a creative mind! Once you have all these, you are ready to start drawing.

Start With The Head

One of the simplest segment, to begin with, would be the head. Draw the head. Create an oval for the head. This is because most heads are said to be oval. Spot this oval at the top section of your paper. Try not to put too much pressure with your pencil stroke just yet. Draw delicately, and believe this to be a sketch.

human face
human face

Get The Body Size

Use your ruler to determine the body size. Get the measurement of the rest of your subject’s body. The ideal measurement can be taken from the principle that the human head’s size is approximately 1/7 of the total body height. Thus, measure the stature of the oval that you just drew. Figure for the stature of six more oval heads, and you would get the tallness of your body. You should put marks on your paper so that it would be easy for you to see the measurement marks.

Start Having Some Figure (How To Draw a Human)

When you’ve decided the tallness, you would now be able to begin giving your drawing some figure. Start by drawing the hips. Generally, you can find the widest portion of the hips located halfway down of the body. Draw a basic trapezoid shape. Put the widest or the baseline of your trapezoid approximately at the position where the hips and waist should be, according to your measurements. The normal space starting from the hips up to the waist would be approximately 2/3 of the head’s length.

Add The Lower Extremities And The Upper Extremities

Include more structure by drawing the knees and feet. Your figure’s knees should be halfway in between the feet and hips. The feet would be the bottom part of the body. Create 2 small circles for the knees, place 2 small ellipses for the feet.

human figure
human figure

Now draw the upper extremities of the body by adding the shoulders, arms, elbows, and hands. Generally, the elbows should fall at waist level. The shoulders should be just right below the bottom of the head on both sides. Just like with knees, you can draw small circles for the elbows. To put the shoulders, draw two more heads lightly. Place 1 on each side of the head. You can draw circles to for the shoulders below each imaginary head. For the hands, they usually fall halfway down your figure’s thighs. Create small ellipsis for the hands.

Get Connected!

Now, it’s time for you to connect the different body parts that you drew. Use ellipses so that you can connect the body part. As soon as this is done, you could start adding some shading and details. Add some clothing and some other essentials. Do not forget to get a light source so that you’d know where the shadows should be placed. The human figure is viewed as one of the most disquieting subjects to draw.

I hope, you understand How To Draw a Human figure.

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How Drawing Websites Can Help Drawing Artists

Drawing artists searching many drawing websites through the Internet can get tired of searching for the exact information they are looking for. A website that is properly designed can help the drawing artist solve the problem. It can show them the right path, but it is a little difficult to get the information of the competitors properly in this phase. A good painter who wants to share the experience of his life through the website… his simple thinking gets lost in the crowd.

Drawing Websites Can Help Drawing Artists

The drawing artist should consider exploring the forefront of drawing website designed by passionate art lovers like him. The main purpose of knowing about the creator of websites is to obtain information about what motivates site owners to develop drawing websites.

draiwing websites
drawing websites

The content of drawing websites will help determine if the website owners intend just to make quick money, or is it built with inspiration to provide valuable information to artists. Quality information materials can provide solutions for many drawing artists.

However, solutions to all problems are not available on any particular site. The website should be such that provides the maximum solution for the drawing artist. Painting or drawing website with quality content and information help to attract artists. Websites that provide information that is oriented. Whose content is beneficial and useful. You should bookmark a website that fits every aspect of your drawing.

Aspiring artists need qualitative information that they can answer with quality content. Websites also receive credit if it has some sections where artists can project their choices such as forums, blogs to pass on their comments.

drawing websites
drawing websites

Set the goal to search

There are many sites, which provide valuable information on drawing techniques and various art skills, which are essential in the creation of fine arts masterpieces. Most of the sites are designed by professional artists who provide various tips and suggestions based on their years of experience and imagination. There are many free sites on Google, from which you will get information related to a lot of drawing. Good information will be available to you on these websites. Whatever information you get will be correct. The collection of interesting ideas related to art is a beauty of beauty in the beautiful drawing of the website.

Some Drawing related websites:

Thus drawing artists should be able to locate websites that are created by passionate art lovers. And join them as members to get the latest information on various developments in art. These are websites that are not often built.

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How to draw flowers

Flowers are another but a favorite thing of artists to draw. This is probably because they’re easy to find, naturally stunning, and clean to the position. Although you may think that drawing plants is simple, this sort of artistic venture is simply a proper training ground for drawing, plenty more complicated subjects. How to draw flowers

There are exclusive plants all around the international and you can pick to draw all of them, in case you please. However, you need to understand that each one of them is unique. Thus, you ought to technique drawing them differently. However, there are still a few concepts in drawing that are applicable for whatever kind it is you’ll be drawing. So, right here are the basics that allow you to learn how to draw flowers.


Don’t Get Too Excited, Learn To Observe.

Upon seeing a flower, your eyes are certainly interested in its middle. Hence, it is tempting intending to start drawing coming from the centre additionally. However, what most starting artists do now not recognize is that beginning out from the centre is very complicated. It is tricky since you will have to choose the overlapped bureaucracy and small distances inside the middle. If you do no longer figure it outright, one thing’s for sure. You get a misshapen bloom.

To avoid this, start from the flower’s outside features. This is so that you can observe its basic proportions. You also can use negative areas to aid you in drawing the outer petals.

Be Sensitive With Your Lines

Progressively work in utilizing following the path that you may see for each petal. Remember to go only as far because it goes. Do no longer shorten or lengthen just but. Draw these edges pretty firmly, however gently on portions where the middle element curves out from you. Also, be organized in trailing off a line. This means, lifting your pencil and starting a brand new line on every occasion you notice an overlapping petal.


Sketch It Out

Pen and pencil drawings of plant life typically paintings well specifically when drawn cleanly and smoothly. However, besides the paintings quite properly when they may be drawn in miles comfortable manner. Try to exaggerate the burden of the lines you will be using. Do not be afraid to lighten the strain or make it heavier. You can add loose or even scribbled marks. This would suggest foliage and overlapping petals.

Draw Something In Between

If you’ll be sketching with the line, it’s appropriate to strive drawing shadows under your petals, instead of outlining each petal precisely. You can place short, stippled marks. These can suggest stamens placed on the bloom’s centre. If you’ll be observing different drawings, you’ll see that petal length and sizes range greatly. This is very evident specifically if the flower has a sure angle to its viewer.

Get A Light Source

You should also have one mild source for your drawing. This is important so that you can determine the shadows and the lighter quantities of your picture. This gives your drawing intensity and a far realistic look to it.

Improve With Variety

If you want to enhance your drawing skills, you could accomplish that via variety. Try to range the location of your concern or model. Try sketching it at special angles. You need to additionally strive for unique light sources. Doing this would honestly enhance your skill.

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How to draw nature drawing

Drawing the art of nature on canvas or any flat surface with paper pencil and colour is called nature drawing. To make a nature drawing, you have to go to the open environment and see the natural scene. Nature combines many colours and enhances the atmosphere, those colours have to be tamed. In other words, you can say, Nature drawing is the point at which you go outside and draw a great nature scene. Still, life drawing is an assortment of items put in specific manners. It isn’t restricted to things from nature, however, could incorporate other lifeless things like glass, pitcher, bowl and so forth.

How to draw nature drawing

You need a creative mind to create a nature drawing. First of all, you have to think, what kind of drawing you want to make, mountain or hill station live drawing, or a bird sitting on a tree, Or any hunting animal drawing.

Tips To Draw Natural Scenery

(this is not about individual drawing, its arrangement used in live scenery)

  • Distant Detail Appears Dim.
  • When Finishing Is Unnecessary.
  • Cloud Forms.
  • Curved Lines for Clouds.
  • Lines that Indicate Distance.
  • ViewFinder for Nature Drawing.
  • Contrast and Values.
  • Keynote of a Picture.

For example, let’s start to draw scenery with tree, river and houses.

First of all sketch the whole thing which is decided to draw using pencil, like tree river and houses. The position of all elements is most important for any drawing. See this picture. 

nature drawing
how to draw nature drawing

In this picture, the artist draw a coconut tree. Colour combination gives the actual shape of any drawing, the artist also works like that. Colour shadow and angles are necessary for natural drawing. It is worth noting that some part of the house which is behind the tree will be hidden due to the tree. A lot of beginner artists forget this thing, due to which the reality is not seen in his drawing. It means that we should start drawing from the front thing of scenes which are seen first.

live natture drawing
live natture drawing

In this picture, the drawing of a tree is all completed, but the river is not properly coloured therefor this drawing is not giving an actual reality.  I suggest you draw the river colour like water. the boat should be also coloured by the perfect colour combination. The position and angle of the house is most important to give a real looking.

nature scenery drawing
nature scenery drawing

Finally finished your drawing with Contrast and Values.

In portraying from nature, maintain a strategic distance from, to the extent could likewise be, any inclination to figure again and again. Study the results, to the extent, are regularly, heretofore, and, beyond what many would consider possible, make the drawing with single activities. Something else, separation and environmental point of view are lost and in this way, the impact is one among evenness destitute, of air and articulation.

Complete Your Drawing

In portraying from nature it’s in no way, shape or forms important to frame a completed the process of drawing, however, it’s very needful to point the character of the majority in layout and tone adequately to manage one inside the more got done with attracting or hued sketch to be made a short time later. In drawing from nature one ought to endeavour not just to frame a sensible picture yet to shape lines and tones which will, to a degree, surmised those found in nature, the model. during creation to be made later, one may orchestrate the segment portions of the picture to suit the individual taste.

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